• Dalledayul

    So I've been looking at tons of stuff involving Skyrim and Oblivion over the weekend. Skyrim Confessions, the many talk pages on here, forums littered across the internet and one or two fairly f****d up 4chan threads, and there seems to be a trend which is scaring me. Massively.

    Everyone has a character in an Elder Scrolls game they just hate. And this isn't just the 'he gets on my nerves' hate, this is the level 9001 hatred, the kind that makes you want to find that character, rip their head off and kick it off the Throat of the World. You all have one, and don't deny it (mine is Ondolemar, screw that prick!). What worries me though is when people talk about how they punched them, killed them, Fus-Ro-Dah'd them or set them on fire... and e…

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