Hey guys, this blog doesn't have anything to do with the Elder Scrolls really, it's more of a personal problem. Most people have had the experience of forgetting their password and requesting an emal which will give you a link on how to get a new one. It's been nearly two weeks and I STILL didn't get the email! Before you say to check the spam folder in case it ended up there, belieave me I did. When I type the password and date of birth as required it even confirms that "An email will be sent to ______________"

Its really annoying..I even tried making a new acount, and copied my saved files from my original one to the new one, but I didn't realize you can't save a copied file..and there is no way I'm restarting all the work I did, I already accidently deleted a file once...I think the reason for the delay is because all of the business with the PS4 now, so alot of people are working on that, but come on...two weeks? I'll be thankful for any help.