• Dandywierdo

    at the very last part of the quest unearthed you are given a choice to spare Ralis or kill him for his treachery. credit to unearthed article. "Oh, gods... what happened? What have I done?"

    What's going on here?: "I...I don't remember. Ever since I got here... to Kolbjorn... I've heard whispers. Voices. Thoughts. Imaginings. They've only gotten louder since I've stayed. Pounding, driving. A couple of times I blacked out. It was... It was just before the draugr woke up."

    Did you... kill the miners?: "I don't know. I... maybe? It's what he wanted. He just needed their energy. I don't know! I hope I didn't. But... maybe I... please, you have to believe me?"

    • I believe you. Just... don't come back here: "Of course. I don't even want to hear the word "…
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