Those of you Elder Scrolls fanatics that are PC gamers are probably already aware of how popular modding has grown in Bethesda’s titles. At its release, modders were quick to work with Skyrim, determined to create the best adjustments to enrich the amazing experience distributed by Bethesda's most aesthetically appealing game yet.

With modding at the level it is, significant graphical improvements in the illustration of Skyrim are sure to be noticed by its PC enthusiasts. Taking this into consideration, the remarkable ICEnhancer mod is soon to take Skyrim to even greater heights.

The widely known modder recognized for completely revamping Grand Theft Auto IV and its visuals with the ICEnhancer is soon to be releasing an improved version of the mod for Skyrim. In order to work with the GTA IV’s version of ICEnhancer, the mod was n’t scheduled for Skyrim development. Fortunately for those of you who must have the finest visual appearance graphically possible, the mod has been completed for GTA IV and development has now proceeded for a Skyrim release.

As you can see in the slideshow above, the ICEnhancer is certain to become one of the most stunning Skyrim mods available on the PC. If you’re a gamer who enjoys the Skyrim experience on a sturdy PC, I suggest you keep a lookout for ICEnhancer’s release.

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