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aka Jeto

  • I live in Tamriel or perhaps Thedas. It's all relative, since time is distorted in Lordran.
  • My occupation is Geth Infiltrator
  • I am a rather dashing gentleman
  • Dark Jeto

    Anyone who's played an MMO probably knows where I'm going with this.

    When I picture MMO's I always imagine an ancient prophecy of two epic forces clashing against eachother. On one side, you have World of Warcraft, the monstrous behemoth of a dragon. It has spent several years growing and becoming more powerful, until it became the uncontested powerhouse of MMOs. It didn't just set standards, in some cases it WAS the standard. It was what the mass majority of MMOs strived to be, and as each MMO tried to challenge it, they were easily put down and became just another pile of bones outside WoW's cave to scare off any others bold enough to try.

    And on the other side, an unknown champion seeking to slay the beast and herald in a new era for MMOs…

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  • Dark Jeto

    Guilds are some of the most important things in any MMO. They can provide a sense of identity and kinship, organize massive social events, or be the leading force in PvP or PvE. We've heard about Zenimax's current plans for guilds (you can be in up to five, you can make guild stores, etc), and it seems that they are opening a lot of potential for some interesting new guild ideas.

    What kind of guilds have you been a part of? What guilds would you like to see or be a part of in ESO? Do you plan on making any guilds? Do you prefer large guilds with a massive roster, or small guilds with a tight knit group? What new features would you like to see for guilds?

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