I'm not sure how popular this idea is or how many people have figured it out. I have looked up Falmer Helms and it  says that the glitch that lets you wear an additional piece of headwear along with the falmer helms has been patched but I either one do not have this update, I am playing on XBox, or it hasn't been fixed. I am writing in regards to the falmer helms. Not the heavy ones just the horshoe like ones with the multiple eyes. Well anyway, as I was playing around with my smithing and armor, I had not intended to ever wear one of these helmets for the sole fact that I thought they were just plain ugly and I had been wearing, at the time I found this glitch out, one of the dragon masks, as it gave me multiple abilities that I had needed at the time such as waterbreathing and a larger carry weight,(this was well before I learned of the restoration loop).

Well I cant' really recall why I had chosen to put it on, I think it was just to see how it looked, but as I went to put on a circlet, lo and behold the falmer helm did not un-equip. I thought to myself, ok, this must just be some glitch and it really isn't going to remain like that, but it sure would be awesome if it does. Well it does lol.

I've only played around with a few different combinations of headgear, as I really don't like wasting a lot of time on smaller things when everything in the game takes so long already, i.e. loading times and all that, so I couldn't tell you all the combinations that you can do these with. But I'm sure you can figure that out and have fun doin it.

My whole point to this is that, once you reach lvl 100 in enchanting and get the perk for having two enchantments on your armor and weapons, this ability becomes even more valuable. I've used this helm with circlets,and dragon priest masks. But thats about it for now. I thought I had found another compatible duo a few days ago but I cannot remember what they were. I'll keep an eye on it if anyone cares and if anyone actually reads this and knows of any others or any other armor capabilities that allow two on one let me know also.
Falmer Helmet

unenchanted falmer helmet