Datadragon Seraphim

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  • I live in on a higher plane of existence that you will not be able to comprehend, for this is beyond your mental capacity.
  • My occupation is being the purveyor of 2D bishojos
  • I am an anime watcher
  • Datadragon Seraphim

    Name: Francois Mercer III, spirit of the 13th era

    Race: Breton/Daedra

    Age: 3000, biologically 20 (immortal)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A a reference, look at Dante from Devil may Cry (for his face, but he looks way better). Wears a black trench coat over a black shirt and black pants, relatively well built and six feet tall.

    Spells (up to 12): Sparks, Chain lightning, Thunderbolt, Overcharge (electrifies his palm/weapons), Close wounds, Mark, Recall, Levitation (via magnetic repulsion).

    Powers (racial+2, time powers are innate and not counted here.): Wings of shadow (gives him a pair of electrified ethereal black wings to enable flight.)

    Abilities (Passives): Magic and poison resistance, Increased strength, dexterity, reflexes and stamina. Improved…

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  • Datadragon Seraphim

    Some standard lore before the awakening of the time walkers

    In fifth era:

    Ulfric Stormcloak's rebellion succeeded in kicking the empire out of Skyrim. Ulfric died before he could realize his dreams of reforming Skyrim, though. The next high king was incompetent.

    The Dawmguard nearly succeeded in wiping out the Volkihar clan, but the new leader of the clan retaliated and the dawnguard were destroyed. This new leader was without doubt, the Dragonborn. However, the Dragonborn left Skyrim with his vampire clan after destroying the Dawnguard.

    Skyrim fell to the Thalmor in the second great war. The high elven empire now controlled Cyrodiil, Valenwood, Eleswyr, the Summerset Isles and Skyrim. Hammerfell, High rock and Orsinum banded together to comba…

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  • Datadragon Seraphim

    Time Vortex - The Metaspiral RP

    In the future, the far future, the world was a vastly different place. Kingdoms had arisen and fallen, empires were built and snuffed out, as was caused by the inevitable linear time. However, the invisible threat always loomed. It festered in the heart of Altmer society, polluting the minds of many an otherwise pure high elf</span></p>

    The Thalmor, led by enigmatic high lord Theriel, spirit of the 15th era. They were fanatical in unbinding the time dragon Akatosh from the very plane of Mundus. They had the will, but they didn’t know enough. When the mages broke the direnni tower, the world fell to fragments as time formed back into a loop, into a non linear progression. Such would happen in the 15th era, whic…

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  • Datadragon Seraphim

    For people who may not know Sorin and my other characters, here is an updated powerset in brief form

    Name: Sorin Steelfang

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29 (Biologically 21)

    Race: Breton Vampire (His ancestry is convoluted)

    Appearance: Has white hair and crystalline blue eyes. He does not gain stages normally, being permanently stuck in stage four, but he has dulled bloodthirst. 6 feet tall, muscular build, wears a set of black and silver armor plated robes (that has a hood)

    Spells(Max 8): 

    Normal: Chain Lightning, Thunderbolt, Close wounds, Poison rune, Raven Familiar (for scouting)

    Vampiric: (Last resort, not in his normal arsenal, all inflict the effect "targets affected are soul trapped to Coldharbor if they die within 60 seconds"): VL drain life , revers…

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