Name: Francois Mercer III, spirit of the 13th era

Race: Breton/Daedra

Age: 3000, biologically 20 (immortal)

Gender: Male

Appearance: A a reference, look at Dante from Devil may Cry (for his face, but he looks way better). Wears a black trench coat over a black shirt and black pants, relatively well built and six feet tall.

Spells (up to 12): Sparks, Chain lightning, Thunderbolt, Overcharge (electrifies his palm/weapons), Close wounds, Mark, Recall, Levitation (via magnetic repulsion).

Powers (racial+2, time powers are innate and not counted here.): Wings of shadow (gives him a pair of electrified ethereal black wings to enable flight.)

Abilities (Passives): Magic and poison resistance, Increased strength, dexterity, reflexes and stamina. Improved magicka regeneration. Immune to all diseases. Very strong affinity for electrical spells. Decent marksmanship and good CQC skills (he has no trouble combat wise). Completely lacks empathy and so he never hesitates in combat.

Weaknesses (have one, at least): Unlike normal mortals, Banish daedra, Expel daedra, Command daedra and soul trap hurt him. Very badly. So do weapons with soul trap. He is also weak to daedric weapons due to his connection to Oblivion.

Weapons/Armor/Misc equipment: 

light sword, a family heirloom that came from the alternate history. This weapon can project a sonic standing wave to block stuff and it burns enemies it kills to ash. It's also a good conductor. One handed version (it is aesthetically pleasing, it's not meant to be powerful)

The timerider, a one handed golden dwemer revolver that has five bullets per chamber, crafted by a dwemer scientist. It is built using railgun technology and Francois can overcharge the weapon to fire highly destructive shots. The gun will break if he overcharges it too much or in rapid succession, thus he has to be careful with using it. Can use multiple types of rounds.

An Aetherium repeater, which fires spheres of plasma at substantial fractions of the speed of light. Rapid fire light machine gun with infinite ammo (it has cooldown, though). The low caliber and high muzzle velocity limits the damage per shot quite severely (if you study guns, you'll know why)

A special bulletproof nanite enhanced trench coat, made of flexible ebony/composite threads. Francois' pants and shirt are made of the same material. It provides decent protection from most stuff but won't stop everything (same protection as ebony armor). It slowly self repairs.

Bio: Francois Mercer originally was an electromancer from the dying days of the fourth era. He saw the fall of Skyrim to the elves, the dark periods that followed, the despair and sadness. At that time, he was a young man, naive, weak and fresh. He had escaped from a research facility after daedric organs were swapped for what he had and black magic cast on him.

Francois remembered being accused of worshipping Talos by a neighbour, even though he was a Breton. He was dragged out of his house by Thalmor, but when he was about to get killed, his temporal powers awoken, freezing time, allowing him to kill the elves that captured him with a strange sword that was always in his family house.

After the events that transpired, Francois studied the ways to use a sword and heavy armor, for he realised that magicka was limited and slow to return. Simultaneously, he delved into magic from alternate paths. He learnt how to quantify the world system into numbers, explanations and theories. He connected with Hermaeus Mora to gain more knowledge.

Francois also realized he was immortal after not aging. He slowly mastered the time powers he was gifted with, learning how to travel through time and how to direct it's flow. Whenver anything new was developed, Francois made sure to learn it.

3000 years of practice turned him into a being one with electricity, a master of sword combat and a great marksman. What it didn't cure, though, was his daedric condition. He hated the fact that banish spells and daedric weapons hurt him, but that was the sad truth.

He is now a criminal prosecutor, field ops, within the 8th era. He was Judge, Jury and Executioner (if permitted)