Time Vortex - The Metaspiral RP

In the future, the far future, the world was a vastly different place. Kingdoms had arisen and fallen, empires were built and snuffed out, as was caused by the inevitable linear time. However, the invisible threat always loomed. It festered in the heart of Altmer society, polluting the minds of many an otherwise pure high elf</span></p>

The Thalmor, led by enigmatic high lord Theriel, spirit of the 15th era. They were fanatical in unbinding the time dragon Akatosh from the very plane of Mundus. They had the will, but they didn’t know enough. When the mages broke the direnni tower, the world fell to fragments as time formed back into a loop, into a non linear progression. Such would happen in the 15th era, which was also the merethic, 1st, 2nd, 3rd...

Paradoxes abounded, shards of time flowing through the timestream backwards, each the span of the whole era. These shards fused with random souls in the dreamsleeve, becoming a part of the soul, getting recycled into mortal bodies strewn across the ages.

The ones who fused with the shards were born to be immortal and they could drift through time at will, being resistant to the very passage of the force that eroded life and body alike. All of them could see the world unbind in it’s finality. They were the time walkers, the ones who held the keys of time itself.

The current year is 8th era, year 598. The current technological achievements of Mundus means that there are many devices, such as computers, cyborg parts and directed energy weaponry. However, swords, warhammers and bows are still in place, having been upgraded by the miracles of technology to do much more than just their usual role.

The time entities therefore made a choice. A choice that would affect the fate of the universe. They would flow through time and change the past, to change the future.

Where magic, time powers and technology converge, it is up to you to prevent the unbinding of Akatosh by the Thalmor high lord Theriel, the spirit of the 15th era. Or cause it…

Name (include spirit of the xx era at the back if a time walker):





Spells (up to 12):

Powers (racial+2, time powers are innate and not counted here.):

Abilities (Passives):

Weaknesses (have one, at least):

Weapons/Armor/Misc equipment:



1. Avoid being excessively OP (e.g. You can be a vampire with less sun weakness who shoots VL life drain as a normal spell for magicka, but you cannot be an all powerful invincible battlemage with all master destruction spells who can cast them for free or a godlike swordsman who deflects thunderbolts with fencing.)

2. You cannot be a Divine, Magna Ge or Daedric Prince.

3. Give the role-players time to react to the actions. No powerplaying at all times, unless a player explicitly gives you permission to control his/her character.

4. You can use all of the races of TES lore. If you are a dwemer, you must come from the first era and be displaced forward. I’m cool with Tsaesci, Maormer etc.

5. You may only make up to two time walker characters. You can make any number of supporting characters, so long as you keep the active ones to a maximum of 4. The GMs can ignore the second half for story reasons.

6. You can have powers that are not in TES, but these powers must not be OP or contradict lore (e.g. I'm game with sword beams, but don't do insane crazy stuff like deathtouch or a lore unfriendly god eraser.)

7. No dismembering, killing or controlling other people’s characters unless they give you explicit permission.

8. No being a Vestige, Dragonborn, Nerevarine, Hero of Kvatch, Agent of Daggerfall or Eternal Champion. You are already something on the same scale!

9. If you do change past events that would have a bearing on future events, please wait for me or another GM to update the narrative.

10. Discuss with the GMs on Talk Pages or chat before doing something that would mess the timestream up wildly.

11. Do not spam posts just to recharge your time powers. If anyone does that, the superfluous posts will be removed. No posting two times in a row, therefore, by extension, no power boosting.

12. Due to the nature of this RP, lore is not fixed. It can be altered with your efforts :) However, before the start, standard lore will be fixed, please don't contradict it.

13. Every time walker character possesses time based powers, along with their usual retinue of abilities. The breakdown is below:

Time powers (very complicated, so please pay attention)

Flash forward - travel forward in time, from a few minutes to ten years. Not spammable, leave three posts between each flash forward. If a large enough jump is made (aka more than 6 hours, it starts to suck people along with you)

Flash backwards - same as flash forward, but moves backwards in time instead of forward. Same rules apply

Slow time - Slows time around you, giving you increased time to respond. Other time walkers are not slowed. Makes killing mortals easier. Takes considerable focus to use and will drain power at a high rate.

Accelerate time - accelerates time in a bubble. Can be used to kill non time walkers. Can be used to buff time walkers to make them move faster. Weapons can be acclerated to hit harder or skip blocks, but defenses can be sped up to block time accelerated attacks. Cheapest time power to use

Erablink - activate your shard of Akatosh, drawing all time walkers to a singular era and scattering them around the world, unless they are holding hands, then the ones who held hands will be together, but severely draining everyone's innate share of planar energy, which is solely used to power this ability. Only can be activated every two IRL days by one person.


1.Timestream: If one time walkers uses erablink, everyone else has their time powers drained and a portal sucks everyone through the eras. Time walkers can also move friends who are not time walkers through time by holding hands with them.

2.Time immunity: Time walkers are immune to the passage of time, thus they are biologically immortal and do not age. They are immune to time powers that don't involve time travel. Even if you time travel, you bring all your equipment with you.

3.Paradox immunity: Time walkers can change the past to change a future, but if changing the past would result in them not being created, they will not fade away but still exist. (e.g. killing your past self will not destroy you)

4.Erasure resistance: Time walkers, unlike other beings, only take damage to their souls should they attempt to disrupt time. They heal from such damage over time. Overusing powers might be fatal.

5.Automantling: If a time walker dies, the time shard automatically binds to the closest person, or a person whom the time walker always thinks about. A time walker can give his/her power to a specific person by focusing hard and killing themselves.

6.Time mark: you can mark your equipment so it follows you through the eras!