For people who may not know Sorin and my other characters, here is an updated powerset in brief form

Name: Sorin Steelfang

Gender: Male

Age: 29 (Biologically 21)

Race: Breton Vampire (His ancestry is convoluted)

Appearance: Has white hair and crystalline blue eyes. He does not gain stages normally, being permanently stuck in stage four, but he has dulled bloodthirst. 6 feet tall, muscular build, wears a set of black and silver armor plated robes (that has a hood)

Spells(Max 8): 

Normal: Chain Lightning, Thunderbolt, Close wounds, Poison rune, Raven Familiar (for scouting)

Vampiric: (Last resort, not in his normal arsenal, all inflict the effect "targets affected are soul trapped to Coldharbor if they die within 60 seconds"): VL drain life , reverse VL grip . Vampire drain life that is more damaging.

Powers(Racial + 1): Embrace of Shadows rebalanced (usable repeatedly with much shorter cooldown (Approx 30 seconds), much shorter duration of 10 seconds). Bat form (drains Magicka to sustain, allows him to fly, electrified for effect). No dragonskin.

Abilities: Magic resist, Poison resist, Disease Immunity. Extreme reflexes and agility, high strength. Good with both swords and destruction, Ok with restoration. Regenerates all stats, be it day or night, especially Magicka. Genius level intellect, can throw weapons quite well and very fast

Flaws: Can't use a bow for nuts. No sneak or illusion bonus, Sucks with Alteration, Conjuration and Illusion, especially illusion. Stunted stats in the day (for his Magicka it's not an issue, it mainly affects his stamina). Life regen slows to half speed in the day.

Equipment: Fancy armor made of Ebony alloy, "Immemorial Edge" (katana with armor penetration), lots of Ebony Throwing stars. Also has "Reaper of Souls", a daedric longsword with lifeleech and soul trap to Coldharbor (He won't use it, except against select people, it allows him to access 7 very powerful moves.). Now possesses Corentin's Voltiaxic Warp, the electric sword.

Name: Alyssa

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Race: Half Altmer, Half nord Vampire of same blood as Sorin.

Appearance: Very good looking blonde girl. For references, search up Emma Frost. She has glowing red eyes.

Spells (currently): Fireball, Incinerate, Firestorm, Greater ward, Heal other, Close wounds

Evil vampire powers (like Sorin, she uses them last resort): VL life drain, potent vampiric drain.

Powers: Connection to Oblivion (Highborn + Berserker rage + Histskin), usable for only ten minutes. Bat form like Sorin, except her bats are flaming. 

Abilities: Impossibly fast Magicka regen and overlarge magicka pool. Extreme efficiency with flame based spells. Can use a sword very well. Close to immune to both flame and frost. Decent poison resistance. Supernaturally enhanced strength, stamina and magicka at night.

Flaws: Electricity. Hit her with it and she faints immediately as her entire magicka pool short circuits. Physically weak even after her vampiric strength is factored in (her sword movements are based more on energy transference and efficient positioning). Lowered stats in daytime.

Equipment: Black set of tavern clothes, with armor plated pauldrons and a cloak behind it. The clothes themself are made of ebony chainmail. A flaming katana called Fireworld's end that is essentially a a Blades sword with a blade that is permanently on fire.

Name: Tacitus (Fulvia's elder brother, commander of the Black Guard) - DEAD

Race: Imperial with Dunmer blood

Gender: Male

Age: 23 

Appearance: A very pale and sickly looking imperial, with white hair and red eyes. Has pointy ears.  Tacitus is actually extremely fit, well muscled and toned.

Spells(Max 8): Chain lightning, Dread Zombie, Mark, Recall, Detect dead, Close wounds, Invisibility and Frenzy

Powers(Racial + 1): Voice of the Emperor.

Abilities: Good at using his spells, Capable swordman, agile and has good stamina, atheletic in nature. High disease resistance. Very good at enduring pain and extremely resilient. Good tatician and intelligent.

Flaws: Limited (About 250) magicka pool severely limits the use of all his spells except chain lightning (which he very efficient with due to continuous training). His raised corpses have a habit of dying randomly or attacking him instead. 25% more vulnerable to poison due of his fast metabolism. Also slightly vulnerable to magic as his armor is a very good conductor of heat and electricty (10% more damage). The more stressed he is, the less likely his spells will work, except for chain lightning, recall and mark.

Equipment: A silver sword made out of Ebony, with flames streaming of it's edge. Black Guard armor: Glass armor that has black instead of gold parts and the pauldrons are much thicker, but smaller and contoured to the body. The boots look like ebony boots with glass parts.

Name: Corentin Mercer - DEAD

Race: Breton

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Good looking young man with black hair. 5'11 and very fit. Has a pair of Hazel eyes.

Spells(Max 8):  Chain lightning, Mark, Recall, Close wounds, Invisibility, Thunderbolt, Fireball, Ice storm

Powers(Racial + 1): Dragonskin

Strengths: Good at using his spells, near mastery of the sword, agile and has exceptional Stamina and Magicka. Expert at chaining spells together. Fast regeneration of Stamina and Magicka. Stupendous pain resistance. Genius level intellect. Disease resist (35%)

Weaknesses: 25% more vulnerable to poison due of his fast metabolism. Also slightly vulnerable to magic as his armor is a very good conductor of heat and electricty (10% more damage, he's Breton, so it's not so bad). Very slow health regeneration. His left hand cannot use weapons as his left thumb lacks strength.

Equipment: Voltaxic Warp (Electrical dawnbreaker! with angel wings on the hilt.). Custom Black Guard's armor, Dwarven Black bow.

Name: Fulvia (Tacitus' younger sister, Mistress of the Black Guard and overall in charge) - DEAD

Race: Imperial with Dunmer blood

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: Wears normal clothes, except the clothes she wears are always of dark shades. Wears a silver mask to cover the right half of her face, which was disfigured in an attack. The left half of her face is very beautiful, though. Flawless figure. Sometimes wears a veil. Her hair is all white and her remaining eye is red. Pointy ears.

Spells(Max 8): Mark, Recall, chain lightning, sparks.

Powers(Racial + 1): Voice of the Emperor

Strenghts: Genius level intellect (exceeding even Sorin's, which is no mean feat (more intelligent than a person with edietic memory, rapid learning and mastery over 3 languages.)). Master of Speechcraft and Alchemy. Resistance against poisons by her own research. Massive magicka pool allows her to teleport everywhere. Very skilled poisoner.

Weakness: Little value in any form of combat. She can't even aim her chain lightning properly. If she is confronted, she is dead.

Equipment: An ebony dagger, miscellaneous poisons.

Name: Ariana - Shiae - DEAD

Race: Difficult to tell. Half Breton, Quarter Redguard and Quarter Bosmer. She is a vampire as well.

Gender: Female

Age: 33 (Biologically 16)

Appearance: Exotic, good looking lady with a next to perfect figure. She has straight hair that is blacker than ebony, a pair of eyes with black irises and a fair complexion, so much for her ancestry. Wears a set of ebony plate that is very form fitting (and covers her whole body), but provides only token protection. Four stages, where her eye colors will vary. Stage one gives her normal black irises, stage 2 will give her red irises, stage three slit pupils and red irises and in stage four, her hair turns white, her fingers become talons and her irises and pupils glow solid red.

Spells(Max 8): Frost Cloak, Ice Storm (as a touch spell, melee range only, can freeze water vapor into many different forms for throwing). Blood purging spell (to advance her stages in battle, using it damages her.)

Powers(Racial + 1): Adrenaline rush (inherited from her maternal grandmother), very, very powerful vampire's seduction that can control minds, with area of effect.

Strengths: Nearly unlimited stamina, very fast reflexes and speed, supernatural strength. If she does not feed, her agility, strength, stamina regeneration and reflexes increase dramatically if she hits stage 4 (at stage 4, she can rip even werewolves and vampire lords into half with her bare hands). Constant high resistance to frost, poisons and diseases. Close to mastery of using blades. High sneaking skills. She can see in complete darkness, at stage 4 she has a permanent life detecting aura that has huge range.

Weaknesses: Completely useless at range as she can't use a bow, throw weapons or cast ranged spells. Advancing her stages makes her weaken in the day more, as well as increase both her fire and shock vulnerability. She loses rationality and sanity at stage 4 (the only people she won't attack against her will are those that she know very well, as well as other vampires). Nearly blinded in the sunlight, reducing her vision range.

Equipment: Winter's Grasp, a dwarven longsword with icy enchantment.


Name: Felrion

Race: Bosmer (With some Altmer blood)

Gender: Male

Age: 69 (elves age slower XD)

Appearance: A very androgynous Bosmer who is handsome to women, pretty to men. He has a very deep voice, though. He is well built, actually, despite how skinny he looks. His eyes have golden irises and slit pupils. Average height and generally unremarkable otherwise

Spells(Max 8): Summon spirit sword. Can fire wind scythes and windblasts from the sword. Whirlwind cloak, Invisibility, Lightning bolt, Chain lightning.

Powers(Racial + 1): Command Animal (His drives all animals around him insane rather than make them his allies). Mastery of Shehai techniques (Sword singing!)

Passives: Reflexes, agility and more acrobatics. Heals faster than normal as well. Disease and poison resistance. Master of disguise and can masquerade as anything.

Weakness: He cannot control his lust. He also hates magic because it hurts him badly.

Equipment: Iron dagger. A full set of Ebony chainmail under his fanciful clothing.

His Spirit sword takes the appearance of a glowing crimson blade with black mists surrounding it (it is corruped from original sword singing)

Faction/Role in Faction: Assassin, Swordsman

Bio: A Bosmer who trained under a Redguard Vampire, who imparted many deadly skills, Felrion can use almost anything as a sword. To him, torn off limbs, branches, staves, cutlery and even air was a blade.

Felrion used his skills to  become a feared assassin. Nobody could catch him, since his sword left no blood and was impermanent. He became feared throughout Valenwood, Eleswyr and all the ajacent areas, for nobody ever saw him.

Corentin paid for him to kill Rostei and clean up the remainder. Felrion would do it. The price was right, he was already fully paid before Corentin's death.


Name: Kyrylla, daedric spirit

Gender: Female

Age: irrelevant

Race: daedra

Appearance: In spirit form, looks like Alyssa with Black hair, blood red lips and talons. Shrouded in black mists when not in a body.

Spells (currently): Fireball, Incinerate, Firestorm, Fire cloak, Fire wall, Fire rune, Flames, Greater ward

Powers: Possession of females, Connection to Oblivion like Alyssa

Abilities: Impossibly fast Magicka regen and overlarge magicka pool. Extreme efficiency with flame based spells. Can use a sword very well. Supernatural strength, endurance, reflexes, agility and speed. Immaterial and so cannot be hurt by physical weapons, poisons and diseases when not possessing a vessel. Vessel gains a healing factor

Flaws: Requires a vessel, dies if she is severed from a vessel in a few hours. Extremely vulnerable to magic when not possessing a vessel

Equipment: Winter's grasp, the legendary sword. Anything else on her Vessel.

Backstory. The spirit bound to Alyssa and a nearly unlimited source of pyrokinetic power. 

(Irrelevant Character!!!!! For all the guys who just love raid bosses that will kill you, this is a minor character that does not contribute to the story. He is in a hidden temple somewhere in Cyrodiil, if you want to try fighting him you can trespass on his temple. He is meant to be OP...)

Name: Toraak-Shiae (Sorin's master.)

Race: Tsaesci

Gender: Male

Age: 5000 years old...

Appearance: Golden snake man who wears an entire set of dragonscale plate, made to look like blades armor and combined with so much ebony that it is all black. A pair of glowing blue eyes. Hood covers much of his face. Hands are sparking talons.

Spells(Over max limit): One handed lightning storm, Multi thunderbolt (Five thunderbolts at once from each hand), Storm wall, Rapid Chain lightning (Sprays out of his hands like MGs), Power Lightning rune ( lightning rune with massive explosion), Grand healing, Mass paralysis, paralyse, Hysteria, Harmony and Mayhem

Powers(Racial + 1): Spammable Ritual stone power, Can teleport short distances, creating an electric blast where he goes that does extreme damage. Spectral raven familiar. Can summon thunderstorms to aid him and teleport unlimited distances three times a day each.

Strenghts: Ridiculous reflexes, strength and stamina, can use three swords at once (one in each hand, one on his tail). Total mastery over electrical spells, disintegrates targets on low health. Disease, Magic and Poison immunity. Stamina and Magicka are extremely high and regenerate very fast. Can throw massive amounts of throwing weapons at once.

Weakness: Small health pool (Hard to actually hit him, though, plus it must be done with a weapon)

Equipment: His armor and three swords. The first sword, always in his right hand is "Devourer's Maw", a Black Katana with a glowing red serrated edge, leeches all three stats, does horrific physical damage and causes bleeding. Next one his the one for his left hand, which is "Oblivion's Shadow", a black Katana hilt that has an ethereal blade, it does lots of chaos damage. Last one is the Immemorial Edge Sorin uses, he no longer has it. He also has nearly unlimited amounts of throwing weapons, kept all over him.