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    On the Australian classification database, a rating for The Elder Scrolls: Arena is shown. This could be a re-release of the first Elder Scrolls game but something worth noting is that next to the title it states Multi-Platform. Could Arena be released on consoles/handhelds or is this a new game with the same title? 

    (I found an article about this on IGN).

    'UPDATE:' Been confirmed that this was just a mix up.

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  • Davey-Gravey

    In Skyrim there are many guilds. You can join the Companions and kill things. Join the Dark Brotherhood and kill things. Join the Thieves Guild and kill things. Join the College of Winterhold and kill things. Join the Bards College and kill things.

    Although fighting all the different enemies is fun, I noticed that some of the most enjoyable moments I had in Skyrim was when I was exploring the far corners of Skyrim. This got me thinking that the next Elder Scrolls should have some sort of Explorers Guild.

    So just wondering what new guilds would you like to see and why?

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