Hello Everyone, With all the new hype up for Elderscrolls Online I was wondering what will you play as? Will you be a roleplayer? Will you be a PVP-er, or will you just explore. This is my first real indebt rant so please tell me what you think. Im am going to rant about what i hope for the upcoming game.


Since this is a MMO, their are bound to be people who like me love to set up their own charcters backrounds and lore, As a roleplayer i look forward to talking and devolpming the personality of my charcter, being able to interact with the world, and the npcs. What i hope is to be able to comunicate with players of the other factions, and not like world of warcraft were I cant talk in /say to them beacuse of the launge barior.


Since we have other factions we can be certin that we will be able to battle with other players,  So it will be much fun to hack and slash at others and show no mercy!! MUWHAHAHA..


Like most elder scrolls games, (minus Morrowind and Daggerfal) Cities tend to be very small, I hope in this game that they make the cities "larger", skyrim was a perfect example of small tiny cities. Since this is for the pc I really hope the cities will be of grander size, with npcs walking about going about their daily busniess, and hopefully we will see races of children of other races.

I also hope that the cities will be more "populated", Im not asking for a assasin creed population, just more lively, with children running around, more stores, and stalls, more npcs to make the cities look populated.

I also hope that the cities of Summerset, Hammerfall, Morrowind, Black Marsh, Elyswer, Valenwood, Each have their own acrtcute style, and clothing are so alien we FEEL like we are in a diferent world.


I really hope they make the landscapes VASTLY differnt from one anouther, When I am walking in Summerset Isles i want to feel like im in this mystical wonderland, I do not want to feel like i have seen these trees and shrubs in morrowind. What I hope the developers do is give each region its own geography, with differnt plants and anilams and landscapes for each region.

Charcter Creation

I really HOPE, in this game their is better faces for people to create from, I have played since daggerfall and the one thing that always anoyed me was how lame the charcter creation was, we always got limited hairsyles, as a female player it anoyed me how hard it was to create a atractive female, as a mage palyer i want my charcter to look more beautiful than lets say a warroir.

I hope in this upcoming game they allow us to have more atriactive player charcters, we should be able to have beautiful women that will make dibella blush,

Also i am hoping we have more Hairstyles to choose from, and I hope that if i have a poney tail it moves when im running around exploreing.

Clothing Customization

Allot of us miss Morrowind clothing customization, I really hope that they left us have more custimation with clothing and armor types, I always wanted to have a long red skirt with armor over it, making me look like a warroir princess, instead of it being a full suit, we would be able to mix and match clothing with greater diversity...