whats with you people being all anti elf

I mean come on what with you people why do yall hate the altmer, yes I know the banning of talos was a big no and the war was a big no to, but sheesh would yall hate the orcs if the situation was reversed, I mean come on NOT ALL ALTMER ARE EVIL. What with people lately all if see is "kill all the altmer" or "all altmer must die", Sheesh personally if think the Altmer are great, most games make elves to be the embodiment of goodness, while elder scrolls proves that even elves are capable of being evil. It is just stupid to hate them simply because they banned talos, and personally if think it’s stupid, and another thing why is it that only the altmer should be hated if you look at the nords they drove out the snow elves from their OWN LANDS, and what about the argonians, sure they were enslaved which i think was wrong. They were cowards who took advantage of a horrible disaster to murder inocent dumner men women and children. but the Argonians are not considerd evil? And personally if think the Imperials are evil, forcing the other races to join their empire, attacking the first aldormi dominon, which was not evil as most claim, the first one united the two races so they could help eachother from invaders attacking them, but the empire attacked and forced their views on the elves. and before yall call me a Thalmor sympthasier IM NOT I HATE THE THALMOR, but i dont think that the altmer should be exterminated that would prove the elves point of humans and beasts being nothing but savages which is starting to make more sence with the genoside of the dumner.

and on the side note humans are no better than elves, there have been plenty of humans that have done evil things in the elder scrolls.