Due to recent conflicts between bloggers and readers of blogs, discussion of creating a blog policy unfolded. The consensus sided with the creation of a policy which would protect the blogging community from trolls, while tightening our grip around what the explorers of our wild and savage lands of self-expression can tread upon. Read the recently written blog policy here.

Included in the policy is a detailed list of offenses which can cause a blogger or commenter to be blocked, as well as instances where individual blogs, comments, and comment threads can be deleted. While some special circumstances exist for how bloggers are blocked, most of the blocks issued will adhere to the block policy already in place.

Installed already was an auto-disable featured, which closes commenting on blogs that have been inactive for at least 30 days. Users who intentionally "bump" these blogs to reset the counter will face penalties.

The crux of the blog policy is: comment on the content, not the writer of the content. There is no need to start flame wars, troll, or flat our criticize someone for the opinions they have. We want TESWiki to be a place where users feel safe and encouraged to contribute to and express their love of The Elder Scrolls series of video games.

How do you feel about this? Leave your suggestions, omissions, gripes, and accolades on our consensus track forum, the hub of all the important happenings on TESWiki.