Four things. First, I would to congratulate all the editors of the wiki for their valued contributions! This segues into the second point, as our wiki grows and our articles expand, there has been much stressed placed on the admins and other Staff members to clean up and prune these articles until they shine. For this reason, we all need to check out the Style and formatting guideline. All articles follow a specific format, categorization pattern, and image usage policy. We are working to promote this as much as possible to prevent pages from being locked due to undesirable edits.

As our wiki grows, our staff also needs to expand. Recently, we've added GramsJ and Rosenrot87 to our staff team as patrollers. Not only for their outstanding edits and presence in the community and IRC, but due to their ability to find and fight vandalism. It's always nice to reward trusted users on the wiki :). Be aware that anyone can nominate a patroller, see here for further information.

In addition to this, our admin roster may also expand in the near future. Two would-be administrators are currently on the voting roster. Please check out their edits and vote! Anyone can vote! :)

Don't forget to check out the Member of the month, place your nominations, and vote! Everyone is welcome.

Keep up the great work ;)