Skyriming up a storm or working into the wee hours of the morning on an essay due tomorrow? GUNNAR has the solution with their Optiks Advanced Gaming Eyewear. "A technical eyewear solution that helps protect, enhance and optimize vision." as their information website reports.

Sound like a Star Wars fantasy come to life? Look Terminator-y enough to actually wear? Well, you now have the opportunity to find out.


Starting on August 15th 2012, TESWiki, through Wikia Gaming, is giving away three pairs of GUNNAR glass to our users. The first giveaways is an art contest. Paint, draw, or digitally design three unique Elder Scrolls inspired pieces. We will judge the best and decide who gets the glasses. The last two pairs will be given away through a lottery, meaning its entirely random, based on who signs the lists. See the giveaway drop page for details.

Some rules and other mumbo-jumbo:

  1. Contestants must be currently residing in the United States of America or the United Kingdom.
  2. Each person is limited to one, and only one, entry.
  3. All applicants must have registered Wikia accounts.
  4. Entries must be placed beneath the last entry on the list. No cutting ahead of others. Anyone found guilty of this will be removed from the list and exempt from winning.
  5. Staff members cannot enter either contest.

Again, the contests begin on 15 August 0:00 UTC and end on September 15th 00:00 UTC. Any questions should be directed to the IRC or the talk page of an administrator. Good luck!