First there was Frankenstein, then there was Freddy Krueger; now, a nightmare, going by "Slenderman", has joined the night. Living or legend, the stories circulating the web are eerie and downright chilling. The so-called child snatcher sports a three-piece suit and spider tendrils. Some say his eyes are Xs, while others claim he has no eyes at all.


He's right behind you.

Join in on the thrill by trying out the Slenderman video game. Remember Silent Hill? How about Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Similar concept. Tiptoe through a nighttime forest with only a flashlight and collect all eight pages before the Slenderman makes you his next meal.

It's even scarier in the dark. Turn down the lights, pop in your earbugs, and crank up the volume. Whatever you do: don't look behind you.

Try not to piss your pants.

Take the Slenderman challenge and let me know below how many pages you collected before you screamed.

Download for free here!

Interested in the origin of the meme? Leave it to Icanhazcheezburger to explain in this informative video.