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    The other day I read Idk000000's blog post; Skyrim DLC, where he ask what other people's thoughts were for DLCs, I decided to post me and my friend's idea about the Dwemer and the Snow Elves, and he said he thought it was a great idea, so I figured I'd make another blog with it to see what other people thought, and I'm open to suggestions, so here it is:

    Me and my friend's idea for a Skyrim DLC would be something that elaborated more around the Dwemer. One idea my friend and I thought would be interesting is if you had to go back in time (with the Elder Scroll and another Time-Wound maybe?) to the point where the tensions between the Dwemer and Snow Elves/Falmer were building up, and you had to assist one of the sides (possibly choose a sid…

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