The other day I read Idk000000's blog post; Skyrim DLC, where he ask what other people's thoughts were for DLCs, I decided to post me and my friend's idea about the Dwemer and the Snow Elves, and he said he thought it was a great idea, so I figured I'd make another blog with it to see what other people thought, and I'm open to suggestions, so here it is:

Me and my friend's idea for a Skyrim DLC would be something that elaborated more around the Dwemer. One idea my friend and I thought would be interesting is if you had to go back in time (with the Elder Scroll and another Time-Wound maybe?) to the point where the tensions between the Dwemer and Snow Elves/Falmer were building up, and you had to assist one of the sides (possibly choose a side?) and it could involve time-shifting back and forth and even farther back (Night if Tears and Ysgramor and the 500 Companion's March maybe?). I was thinking that the way it could start is that you got a letter from Calclemo about a recent discovery he's made. It would probably take place in Dwemer cities mostly and would include some new armor and weapons (Ancient Dwemer Armor/Weapons and Snow Elf Armor/Weapons?), and whichever side you chose would change something in the current time (if you side with the Dwemer: One of their cities is saved, in a hidden area on the map and if you side with the Snow Elves: The Dwemer proceed to poison them with toxic mushrooms, but you are able to warn them and save some of them, thus making a small group of them appear in regular time, or something like those). We were also thinking you could get some ability or something to summon Dwemer or Snow Elf to fight for you, and at the end, you could get some kind of special armor and/or weapon from the respective side you chose (Snow Elf or Dwemer).

So, that's me and my friend's idea, like I said, I'm open to suggestions and criticism, and also leave your own ideas for DLCs if you have any. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

P.S. Sorry that this is so long