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  • I live in The land from which our forefathers created
  • I was born on January 17
  • I am male
  • Dovah

    At the beginning of the game when you choose to go into Helgen Keep with either Ralof or Hadvar. If you go with Ralof, two imperials will attack you after he tries opening the other door, kill the two imperials and loot their stuff, after looting them go down the corridor where they came from and turn left when you come to a door on your left, this room will be the room you enter if you choose to enter the keep with Hadvar instead of Ralof i.e the room with the imperial light armour inside the chest(s) and the iron can then go back to Ralof and continue escaping helgen. :)

    I was just wondering if I was the first to find this out or if other peple have done it?

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