Hello, random person reading this. today I'm going to talk about the ideal elder scrolls 6. I'm also going to separate the category. Ex: story, place, and lore. So, I shouldn't hold you up anymore, read on. V


Personally, Skyrim's story was my favorite and it gave me that feeling it was norse mythology. Sadly, that's never going to happen. It should take place in a second great war, the AD vs the Empire. You could choose either side and you can actually lose the war. You will start out in a Thalmor torture room. When you are about to be interrogated, an imperial mage comes by (the place was under attack) and kills the torturer. He sets you free and so on.


The location of TES 6 is rumored to be in the Black Marsh and Elswyr, but I think it should take place in all of Tamriel!  People disagree saying that ESO took place in all of Tamriel. Nowhere in the series does it take place in all of Tamriel, most people would even say ESO should only be an O, leaving out Elder Scrolls. Of course Bethesda can do anything. This may not even take place in Tamriel. It's not the only continent with life on it.


In my opinion, character creation should be a lot more detailed and you could even choose the lore like who won the civil war, was the emporer killed, and stuff that will effect you. Your race should make a huge difference like nords should be more welcome in Skyrim. 


Npcs should be a lot more immersive, so if you shoot someone with an arrow and get arrested, your reputation should go down in that city, especially to that person and their family. They shouldn't just do the same thing all day, they should buy food and have new conversations with random outcomes. They should be a lot more numerous so you don't lose people with quests. 


Cities should be bigger and filled with life. Bounties in cities should be more consequential. For example, if you murdered half the city, you'd be executed (which you can escape). Houses should be important to Npcs and once you enter they will ask you what you want. The leader of the city should occasionally have meetings and negotiate with other cities. If you run around randomly swinging a sword in a city people will stay away from you.


Sorry this isn't that long this is part one and it's late so good night!😁