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  • Dovahsebrom

    This question has been disputed quite often. Some theories say he's supposed to be the Dovahkiin, some say he is Vahlok the Jailor, others say he is Miraak, but none of these theories really have much evidence backing them.

    So who is Konahrik? Was he just some random Dragon Priest, or possibly no one at all?

    To make a long answer short, I've come up with a fun little theory that the Archmagus Shalidor was Konahrik.

    This blog will take into account the many deeds of Shalidor. Some are considered to be just legend or extended truths; but as I see it, legends are normally true in TES.

    • He lived during the early first era, most notably around 1E 400.
    • He built the Labyrinthian on the ruins of Bromjunaar.
    • Labyrinthian was used as a training ground
    • He wa…

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  • Dovahsebrom

    For awhile now I've been suspecting that TES: Online takes place within a Dragonbreak but I never really had enough evidence to back it until now.

    "It's good to see you again. And I do see you, in my own way. You are a wound in time, a tear in reality that shouldn't exist and cannot long endure."

    -The Prophet

    This quote pretty much sums it up. The prophet says that you are a wound in time, which in a way describes a dragonbreak (In which you "break" the dragon), not to mention the fact that the small dragonbreak created when Alduin was banished was known by a similar name (Time-Wound).

    Well those of us who have played the Beta probably know that the reason why Molag Bal was able to attack Mundus to begin with was because of a ritual that was att…

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