Favorite Daedric Prince: Sheogorath

Favorite weapon: Daedric War Axe of the Inferno

Favorite cheat: "tgm"

Gold (Approx.) in Skyrim: 1000000+ (I'm addicted, please help.)

Favorite enemy: Ebony Warrior (DLC)

Favorite DLC: Dawnguard (I fucking love being a vampire!)

Favorite friend: Ysolda (Female) and Marcurio (Male)

Least favorite enemy: Draugr Death Overlords

Least favorite friend: Septimus Signus

Favorite Daedric Artifact: Wabbajack/Skeleton Key (Tied)

Least favorite Daedric Artifact: Masque of Clavicus Vile

Favorite guild/cult (Joinable): Thieves' Guild

Favorite guild/cult (Unjoinable): Mythic Dawn

Least favorite guild/cult (Joinable): College of Winterhold

Least favotire guild/cult (Unjoinable): Morag Tong (DLC)

Feel free to say your favorites (as a comment!)