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    Possible Dwemer Theory

    December 19, 2012 by DownbeatWings

    Now this theory is based mostly off of speculation, so there are quite a few holes, but I put a fair bit of thought into this.

    To start, we know that the Snow Elves were driven into exile by the Ancient Nords who forced them to seek refuge with the underground Dwemer. It's revealed in the Dawnguard DLC that the Dwemer demanded that the Snow Elves must sacrfice their sense of sight in order to stay with them, and that this was supposedly accomplished by using a toxin. We also know that the Dwemer seemed to completely vanish all at once, with no warning or signs of any struggle.

    Now we know that Snow Elves were a proud people, and that their relationship with the Dwemer was sketchy at best, and that there were several elves who strongly opposeā€¦

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