This is my first moveset, I hope it helps you out!



Primary Skills:

Heavy Armor



Secondary Skills:

Sneak (optional)



[Heavy Gauntlets] of [Fortify Unarmed]

[Heavy Armor] of [Fortify Health]

[Heavy Boots] of [Muffle] or [Fortify Stamina]

[Heavy Helmet] of [Fortify Conjuration/Illusion]

Standing Stone:Warrior Stone, until Heavy Armor is at 30. Then switch to either the Steed Stone or Lord Stone.


Fists of Stee


Adept Conjuration/Expert Illusion


Muffled Movement

Well Fitted

Illusion Dual Casting/Atromancy

Dark Souls (optional, only use if focusing on Conjuration as well)


Daedric Smithing


If aiming for stealth, take along someone stealthy who can also hold their own during combat, such as Cicero. If you have the Dawnguard expansion enabled, you can bring along Serana instead, who can conjure allies to help you.

If you mainly just want to burst into combat, bring someone along who can absorb lots of damage such as Farkas and give them any healing potions you don't need. It may be worth looking into the Restoration school to help heal him.


If using spells:

Health 60%

Stamina 20%

Magicka 20%

If not using spells:

Health 60%

Stamina 40%

Description:As a Khajiit, you have 15 points of bonus unarmed damage. Near the beginning of the game, this should be enough to take out many of your enemies, but later on, you will need something to enhance this damage. This is where Heavy Armor comes in. Mainly, you just need it to be at least 30 to get the "Fists of Steel" perk, which does additional unarmed damage equal to the armor rating of heavy gauntlets equipped. Then, travel to the Ratway in Riften. You will find a man named "Gian the Fist". Kill him, and take his gloves, called "Gloves of the Pugilist", which improve Unarmed damage. Once you have the strongest Enchanter perk available.Enchant heavy gaunlets/gloves with this enchantment (you must first disenchant the Gloves of the Pugilist), and equip them. You should notice a tremendous leap in your unarmed damage.) Every time you find better heavy gauntlets, take them, enchant them, and wear them. It is recommended to spam Iron Daggers to get your Smithing Skill up to 90, and take the Daedric Smithing perk, to make the best in-game gauntlets. Upgrade them the best you can (They should be considered "Epic" at this point), enchant them (take an Enchanter's Potion first), and equip them. Unarmed damage is capped around 50, so you will need some defense to make up for your relatively low damage. This is why you should look into the Conjuration or Illusion perk trees. Conjuration can give you allies to absorb damage, while Illusion will let you cast spells like "Invisibility" and "Frenzy" (which makes enemies attack each other). If you look into Conjuration, get it up to at least 50, then take the Adept Conjuration Perk and Atromancy Perk. Get the spell to Summon Frost Atronachs (either from Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold, or many court mages). They have more health than Flame Atronachs. Atromancy will make them last longer. You should also get the Dark Souls perk, which will give your Atronach 100 more health. If you bring along a follower like Farkas or Vilkas, they will do a fair amount of damage, while absorbing quite a lot of it, too. If you have a trio, your enemies will likely be split among themselves, making your job easier. In addition, if Serana is your follower, she has a tendency to reanimate the undead, making a small group of four (if you have an atronach). If you look into Illusion, always cast Frenzy (or if you can obtain and afford it, Mayhem) to pick off your opponents. Then, you and your follower will take out the rest of the remaining opponents. It is not recommended looking into both skill trees, as you would need to change your attention from health to magicka. Enchant all of your armor, with the enchantments listed above.Choose the Warrior Stone early on, in order to quickly get up your heavy armor skill in the beginning, then switch to the Steed Stone or Lord Stone later on. You should choose the Steed Stone if-You want to stay stealthy, While you should choose the Lord Stone if-You find yourself running low on health too often, or would just like additional armor.