So after spending all weekend playing PvP in the final Beta, I noticed a recurring theme on several servers/campaigns: apart from the two largest servers (Auriel's Bow and Axe of Belharza), the PvP is horrendously unbalanced. Allow me to explain. I started playing on Blackwater Blade, a smaller server with the total population for each faction being "Low" when I logged in. I noticed at first that the Dominion controlled all 18 keeps. I thought we could retake them, and indeed between 9am-11am on Saturday, the Pact retook 4 keeps and the Covenant 3. 

And then the population changed: the Dominion went to "Full" in under an hour, but the Pact and Covenant remained at "Low". The Dominion retook every keep in, I kid you not, a half-hour. It stayed that way ALL WEEKEND on that server. Every time we tried to re-take a keep, we were swarmed by hordes of Dominion players, I counted while dead at one point, we were outnumbered 10 to 1. I asked people on the server, apparently it's been like that since the Betas started. Barely anyone but Dominion plays on that server because of this.

Similarly, several players I spoke with from the "Daedric Crescent" server say that it's the same thing, but the Covenant are always the victor since they vastly outnumber the other factions. Same for the Pact on the "Azura's Star"  server (I think, it might be on Chrysamere).

The only servers worth playing on were the two largest, Auriel's Bow and Axe of Belharza, since each faction is always on "Full", ergo it's balanced, with no faction dominating. Though I'm pleased to say the Pact ended the Beta with the most keeps, resources and outposts (though the Dominion had 300-400 more overall points) on Auriel's Bow.

Luckily, each server "resets" after 90 days or so, but that means you'll have virtually empty servers for 3 months and everyone will be going to 1-2 servers, greatly increasing lag and waiting times to log in. This bothers me, what's the point of having 20 or so servers when the imbalancing will mean no one will want to play on the majority of them?

A solution seems simple to me: if a faction manages to capture every single keep, outpost and resource, reset the server then, not after 90 days. That way, people will be more inclined to play on those servers rather than leaving them barren for months on end. The lag on Auriel's Bow was terrible since EVERYONE wanted to go there for a fair game.

Do you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions?