So we saw in Skyrim that the glorious Septim Empire from the previous games fell to pieces and the races of Tamriel went their seperate ways. Imperials, Nords and Bretons are the Mede Empire, Dunmer are ruling themselves in Morrowind as they did of old, the Altmer and Bosmer are the Third Dominion and annexed/incorporated the Khajiit, the Redguards are off on their own in Hammerfell and the Argonians are now the Kingdom of Black Marsh. Now, a simple question, TES-wikians: what do you think is best for Tamriel? Each seperate race ruling over their own province, like what the Stormcloaks seem to be hinting at, or each race united in a single nation, like what Tiber Septim wanted? I'm curious. Feel free to explain your reasoning in the comments.

WARNING: I know this is likely going to involve some Civil War reated comments, but any pointless bickering and I'll have the blog deleted. Stay on topic in the comments.

What do you prefer?

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