• Dragon-born

    The next Elder scrolls...

    December 19, 2011 by Dragon-born

    1.Where would you like it to be.

    2.What would the story be.

    3.Time period.

    4.Game play enhancement.

    5.New features.

    BLOG NOW.....

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  • Dragon-born

    What would you like for the next elder scrolls....

    Where would you want it to be set.....

    In what features you want in the game....

    Post your comments about stufff you want

    in elder scroll VI...

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  • Dragon-born

    Hello this is dragon-born here right now we have not been getting alot of news.

    Here's a fun disscusion.

    What would your thoughts of elder scrolls VI be.

    -What province it should be in next

    -What the storyline should be

    ..... The list goes on use your imagination in thinking in tell us what your think.

    This is meant to be a filler so we have some fun activety on this website--------

    Let the disscussion begin.

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