He woke up with a gasp breathing for air. his whole body ached with pain as he struggled to stand up. Sotha Sil had always had a weak body and used a Cain to support himself when walking. He noticed it across his chambers a pile of ash on the floor around his dead worshipers and bodyguards and all he could think about was her face laughing at him and an anger swelled up inside him. Almalexia was responsible for this he thought looking at his body the skin had been torn off as if a wild animal had eaten his skin piece by piece. He then looked in a mirror and was horrified to see what lay before him. His face was bare to the bone every shed of skin had been burned off and that was left was his eyes and nose with small bits of skin on his cheeks and forehead. Almalexia he thought once more as he looked at one of his dead worshipers. He remembered this one his name was Trigon and he came to the clockwork city when he was just a boy. He was one of the most faithful of his priest one of the better dunmer that lived around these parts . He thought to himself this was a bought the Heart Sotha Sil knew that the the Heart of Lorkhan had left the mortal plane and with that his immortality. He knew he was no longer a living god for some time know he first felt the power fade from his body a few weeks ago he always knew it would happen as Azuras words went in his mind. One day a hero born of uncertain parents will take your Godlike powers away and then the Deadra will devour your soul as you scream for mercy but none will be given to you. Those words had haunted him for every second since that day when he first used Kagrenacs tools on the heart. When Almalexia came that day he expected a visit from an old friend instead all he got was death she attacked him with such ferocity that he was flung across the room. Their battle lasted for hours both dealing damage to each other. Sotha Sil was one of the greatest wizards that had ever live and he used that to his advantage but something in Almalexia the way she hit him with her dark sorcery gained her victory that day. His followers tried to help but even they including Trigon were cast aside and killed by her dark magic. All he remembered next was a pain so great his whole body was thrown halfway across the room as he fell to the floor dead. the next things he saw were blurry images of Almalexia and a stranger who he had never seen before all he could recall was that he was a Dunmer. When Sotha Sil came to he looked across the room and saw her body. Almalexia was dead on the floor with a sword slash across her chest. A feeling of joy and also pity arouse inside him as he thought to himself this was the strangers doing. suddenly a new Cain appeared in his hand he was still one of the greatest wizards in all of Tamriel so creating new objects was Childs play to him. Sotha Sil gathered his things including a magical mask he created long ago and placed it on his face he would need it on his journey to find that Stanger. A couple of weeks have passed and finally I have learned his identity he thought as he boarded the ship to Akavir. The Nerevarine of course he thought to himself who else could have severed the heart connection to the mortal plane and killed Almalexia. He first heard rumors of the Nerevarine heading to Akavir but Sotha Sil never believed it until he journeyed across every inch of Tamriel searching for him but only hearing the same rumors over and over. He knew he headed there and when he will find him Sotha Sil will kill the Nerevarine for making him mortal again.