Hi everybody, yeah it's me again ! I've made the decision that I will only be writing blogs on various topics, because I really enjoy writing and interacting with you guys through comments. Ask me any question, and I will try answer it! I need new ideas on my next blog, what should I write about? I'm looking for something interesting, probably not well known to most players? If you have any ideas please comment! I'd also like to know what you skyrim players think of my blogs so far? I'd really appreciate any advice, tips or criticism. I won't be replying to harsh, disrespectful comments however, good and helpful comments I will happily reply to.

Now I was asked to write a little bit about The Civil War, and what my views are about the Stormcloaks and Imperials. Well, being a Stormcloak, I obviously support their ways but there are a few things I don't like about them. Firstly, the quest to kill an ice Wraith I found a little uneccesary. I escaped Helgen while a dragon was attacking and killed frost bite spiders and Imperials, but they want me to kill an Ice Wraith? This I found a little unfair. Anyways, they have many camps all over which is both good and bad from many points of view... If you view it as a positive, the members of the Stormcloaks can stop by at any time to gather materials, supplies and weapons. If you view it as a negative, it won't be too difficult for Imperials to attack as there are many camps to choose from.

Please note these are all opinions and not facts, so please don't post hateful comments. Just your honest opinions about Imperials and Storm Cloaks. Thanks! Don't forget to comment xoxo