Hey everybody! Right so I wrote a blog literally a few minutes ago, and I said I'm going to write about the horse well to be quite honest I'm sure everybody knows about the horse, but if you don't, I've written an article about one a few days ago. So what I decided to do was ask everybody what their favourite quest or mission was? Please comment and tell me it, as well as why? What characters were involved? What was the point of the mission? Did you gain any skills doing this mission? Please note: It can be a side mission, something small, as long as you provide a reason for your answer xx My favourite mission is most probably The Silver Hand quest, where you have to go and kill all the silver hands in the abandoned fort, straight after being a werewolf. I found it fun and entertaining, for some unknown reason. I improved my lock picking skill by a whole level trying to unlock a hidden chest which was classified as Master. I collected over 1000 gold coins, and items which all added up to the value of roughly 1200 gold coins.

Tip: If you are wanting to earn gold, or get some expensive items for no cost, clear out bandit camps and old mines. Bandits and Draugr burial sites hide hundreds of coins, gems, necklaces, rings, weapons, amulets and armor. But remember, they also hide traps and enemies. All the above items are valued highly and when sold to the right merchant or trader, you can get more than you expected to!!

Thanks for reading my blog, remember to post a comment guys! Oh, and are you Imperial or Stormcloak? Please just state, don't give a reason for that because everybody has a different view. I'm Stormcloak. <--- example. Thanks x


So what's your favourite mission? :)