Hey my fellow skyrim fans, it's me again and I'm writing yet another blog to find out more about you guys! I was thinking about what this blog should be about, and what I should ask you guys? So I'm going to ask you guys a bit about your character?

I know many players have multiple saves, with various characters and stories. I think I've only got three different datas, but I use one more than the others. I'll be telling you about my character in this particular data...

Well she is a Nord female with a few scars, dirt, brown hair and is slightly muscular, but not heavily as she is a thief in the Thieves guild. Her name is Aniease and she is married to a bounty hunter. Right now, she is living within Whiterun as I really do prefer the Breeze Home to other houses. She owns a horse, a dog and at this very moment her carry weight us full! :) she is a stormcloak and I prefer not to use her for hunting, as I am a vegetarian in real life. But when the opportunity for gold rises, I will hunt.

Um right so, what does your character look like, what's their pros, their cons and what "clans" are they in, for example, Dark Brotherhood. Stormcloak or Imperial? Remember to comment please guys, I really enjoy hearing from my fellow Dovahs!! Okay, hope to hear from you. Xxx DragonBorn1809

Stormcloak all the way! Everybody has different views, so please don't comment on others choices or opinions! :)