Hey my fellow Skyrim fans, or first time Skyrim players. I have written a blog before about your favourite missions and why, and today I will be asking a different question: what is your character like?

Come on, deep inside we all have 'that story' behind our character. What do they look like? What are their goals? What are they good at? What do you think their past was like? Just comment and tell me a little about your character, absolutely anything! Just please respect others views and opinions!

My character is a Khajit female and her name is Alaska. She is a member if The Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and The Companions as well as the StormCloak Rebellion. Lock picking skills are very high, along with light armour and archery. Pick pocketing is one of the highest skills of Alaska. Cleared almost all bandit camps, and if I had to use a few words to describe her Id say she's a thief, rebel, quick, agile and cunning. Prefer to work at night, and prey on wary travellers.

Thanks guys, please comment about your character and I would like ideas on what my next blog should be about! xx Thanks my fellow Dovahakins xxx