Someone recently pointed out to me that games suffer due to the lack of urgency felt during the game. Here's what he said; "the story and theme of the game suffers because of the non linear game the case of skyrim,the legendary dragon Alduin is coming to destroy the world and bring the apocalypse...and you can stop and take a break from trying to stop him ANYTIME and go gather herbs and plants for some old lady..." Honestly, I couldn't agree more. We find ourselves doing whatever we want during the entire game, which don't get me wrong, is a great thing, all the freedom; but on the other hand, shouldn't we feel like we REALLY needed to complete this certain quest before continuing?

When Alduin started his onslaught on the world (or at least the province of Skyrim) he didn't just lay back and take a break while the Dragonborn walked around leveling up in smithing.... If he did, he was either really stupid, or really lazy, which, if you know anything about dragons, you know he wouldn't be either of those. As dragons ravaged the world, the Dragonborn should have been constantly fighting them, rather than taking a break every so often to go do so, because if he were to "take a break" wouldn't he be constantly confronted by dragons trying to rid the world of him? I don't mean the ones you randomly encounter either, I mean dragons hunting him down to be sure he never completed the prophecy.

The freedom aspect of these kinds of games are amazing, but we never feel like we're really needed all the time, more like needed when we want to be needed, which kind of takes a lot of fun from the game. We should be consistant in the way we play, but a lot of times we find ourselves off somewhere else, doing something that has nothing to do with the main quest. Now, don't get me wrong, leveling up before you take on this great of a challenge isn't a bad thing, actually quite the opposite, it's the best thing you could do; but once we start our quest to destroy the enemy, I feel like we should stick to it, not because we WANT to, but because we HAVE to.

Then there's the order of importance that comes in to play. By that, I mean finding cabbages for Ms. Anusface over here is probably not as important as killing a Troll that's been plaguing a town. On the other hand, some people might think that collecting those cabbages IS more important, because maybe you get more money out of doing that, rather than killing the troll. I don't know, I just think that developers have completely neglected to include importance in games, they just threw in a bunch of aspects they thought would be amazing, which yes, they were.

There's not really much more I can say on this, I mean just saying "There needs to be more sense of urgency in games" would suffice, but I guess seeing how this is a blog.... Yeah... So next blog I'll definitely be writing something a little different, any ideas, shoot them at me. I'm thinking maybe something a little more "story like" you know? Telling a little story about some of my greatest quests and adventures and such. Anyways, I hope this got you thinking, and hopefully you enjoyed it. Take care.