Dwemer, the lost race, the most fascinating, most mysterious people of Tamriel. Very little is known about there current whereabouts, or how they vanished, but a lot is known of their history before they disappeared. A lot is known of how they lived, thrived, rather, and all of this, I believe, should be taken into account when studying them. Most people focus on the obvious question, what happened to them? I like to focus on the better question, what became of them?

So the Dwemer were the most well respected of the races during their reign. They crafted the most gruesome weapons and armor, and many outsiders would have their weapons and armor made by the Dwemer. They made the best cities, their mines were massive, and they were well known for their creations, such as the Centurion Spider found in underground areas of Dwemer cities and villages.

Now, my thinking on all of this has brought me to the conclusion that the Dwemer did not simply vanish from thin air on accident. I believe they had a plan the entire time, whether they planned to vanish for good or not, I do not know. The Dwemer were so intelligent and so respected, how could they simply vanish because of a little ritual they were doing? They can't just be completely gone like that, I think they are somewhere in an outer realm, either searching for a way home, or staying there because it may be better.

One day, in the future, I believe they will return, with expanded knowledge, whether they'll stay for good, or whether they will share knowledge and leave, is up for debate. I, myself, think they will simply return, share some knowledge, then go back to where they came from. The Dwemer left behind SO many ruins, so much history, if they're out there, somewhere in the outer realms, how could they just leave it all behind? My thinking is, they can't, they probably have established some sort of government by now, and somewhere within all the meetings, the topic of returning has had to come up from time to time.

I guess what I'm saying is, even though the Dwemer are gone, are they gone forever? I don't think so, I believe that out in the outer realms somewhere, the Dwemer are planning their return. The history of the Dwemer can be used to determine their future, and I believe that future is great. Lets keep our eyes open, and our minds ready, because one day, they will come back with more knowledge and talent than before.