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  • Dragonclaw1000


    If there's one thing I can't stand it's "pretend" fans. Now don't get me wrong if you buy a leter game in a series that's fine, that's great hell i started on Oblivion and then bought Morrowind.

    But the "fans" I'm talking about are the ones who claim to be really into the serious it's absoulutley great if you wan't to invest yourself in the lore, that's the Elder scroll's strong point. But when you refer to Skyrim as a stand alone game or don't even acknowledge the other titles.

    Yeah In my book your an asshole.

    Not simply for the fact that you alienate older fans (arena represent yo!) but the things I can't stand the most are the facebook pages and guys/gals that act all "nerdy" by playing elder scrolls (or any game for that matter).


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  • Dragonclaw1000

    I H8 Bethesda

    March 3, 2013 by Dragonclaw1000

    So as most will know Bethesda was finally able to realease all the DLC for Skyrim at half price as well (classy move in my opinion) but apparantly some STILL find the whole wait unnecapteble.

    Many comments are whiners saying something along the lines of "we couldn't get when Xbox did sucking bill gates dick meh, meh, meh" (imagine whining sound) with many more saying they will never buy any of Bethesda's products well all I can say to that is


    if Fallout 4 is announced (i hope it is) you will most likely order it or something along those lines and either A:sing it's praises from the heavens or B:constantly make fun of it and always bring it back to Bethesda's disloyalty to PS3 or something like that

    my advice don't whine and complain …

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