So as most will know Bethesda was finally able to realease all the DLC for Skyrim at half price as well (classy move in my opinion) but apparantly some STILL find the whole wait unnecapteble.

Many comments are whiners saying something along the lines of "we couldn't get when Xbox did sucking bill gates dick meh, meh, meh" (imagine whining sound) with many more saying they will never buy any of Bethesda's products well all I can say to that is


if Fallout 4 is announced (i hope it is) you will most likely order it or something along those lines and either A:sing it's praises from the heavens or B:constantly make fun of it and always bring it back to Bethesda's disloyalty to PS3 or something like that

my advice don't whine and complain like a five year old who's mother won't let him have that capri-sun he despratley wants on a hot summers day

let the hate commence