Ok, so I'm walking through Solstheim and I stumble upon Hrodulf's House and I decided to go into the celler. I killed the two bandits there and I decided to look around. I found a journal that said that the owner was hear noises in his celler.

"There is a calling from the depths, a rumble drone that sings to me at night. I've started sleeping in the basement" - Hrodulf's Journal

"It is as if a great machine reverberates beneath me"- Hrodulf's Journal

The reason why I say this might be a possible link to Mass Effect is because: Indoctornation. Hrodulf states in his journal that he wishes he could make Bjorn hear the sound he hears. In Mass Effect 2 there is a N7 mission where you go into a mine and you have to destroy a Reaper indoctornation machine, and you can find logs that say that they hear a noise and all they only wanted was to be around the machine. And in the cave section you can find a Dwemer object. And people who go thrpugh Indoctornation tend to lose their minds.

Anyone else think this might be a possible reference to Mass Effect?