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  • Dragonlordsora

    Dragonrend bug

    November 15, 2012 by Dragonlordsora

    I'm trying to do the quest in which you take the Elder Scroll and get Dragonrend. After I got the Elder Scroll and went to the TOTW, I activate the scroll and go into the cutscene. But, after the battle between Alduin and the three Nords begins, Alduin just stands there while he is getting hit. He doesn't attack back and the cutscene won't progress, so I can't get out of it. I've tried all of the fixes on the Alduin's Bane page, and none of them are working.

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  • Dragonlordsora

    I was just randomly exploring Skyrim after I had just started. I saw Weylin kill the woman, and the Forsworn Conspiracy started. I talked to the person in Talos' Shrine, but decided that the quest would take too long and just walked out of Markarth.

    I held off on the quest for a very long time, and eventually I was just raiding a Bandit Camp. I killed one of the bandits, and the top said that the Forsworn Conspiracy had been completed for some reason. I don't know what happened. But when I go to the quest in my journal, it says I have already been framed and sent to Cidhna Mine. I'm still currently free. Also, if I commit a crime in Markarth, even murdering somebody right in front of them, they will not do anything unless directly attacked.…

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