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    TSE - Return from Battle

    December 23, 2011 by Dragonpalm18

    I have been off of Skyrim celebrating Christmas for a whle, but next week is gonna be game week. Only problem is that Minecraft has recaptured a place in my heart, and my craze for Skyrim is dying. I still think Skyrim is amazing, but the only thing I really feel like doing on the game is making The Skyrim Experience on video... but I can't do that without a video capture card. On Minecraft, however, I have been working hard trying to help my friend in preparation for the launch of his new server. He has promised me a place at the foot of his throne along with another one of my friends, and so I am quite eager to get that server up.

    If any of my readers can give me some really good reasons to abandon my friend and return to Skyrim, then I w…

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  • Dragonpalm18

    I will probably get in trouble since this is not in any way related to skyrim or the elder scrolls (unless the fact that the books are about blood-lusting cats could somehow be linked to khajiits...) but if anyone has read Warriors by Erin Hunter and wants to join a RP fan-site, go to

    I am hoping a few warriors fans MIGHT read this (before I am forced to delete it) and join the site.

    Sorry Timeoin if this is against any rules or anything but that site desperately needs advertisement.

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    TSE - Good to Evil

    November 25, 2011 by Dragonpalm18

    Two straight days of Skyrim has left me rather exauhsted, but I am ready to talk about it now. I completed the main quest (the bit where I went to heaven was a little strange) and I now know 19 shouts, which I have unlocked with the 20 (21?) dragon souls I have absorbed. My khajiit is amazing.

    I have bought Breezehome (thank god for storage) and I now have four different "get-ups" that I usually have. They are: Nude, which is when all my inventory space is being taken up with crafting materials; Supieror Elven Armor, Krosis, and an Ebony bow with assorted arrows, which I wear when I am out exploring; Flawless Scaled Armor with ebony bow, ebony sword, and assorted arrows, which I wear whenever I am going to be fighting; and my Dark Brotherho…

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    I am gonna start Skyrim again tomorrow!

    I will still be trying to get a video capture card in the next few months, and when I do, I will link this blog to YouTube (where I will upload the videos). However, the video series will be for a new character, and not for the archer khajiit that I explained in my previous post.

    I will be taking suggestions for character creation. Just comment below and when I start the series I will read over everyone's suggestions.

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    The Skyrim Experience

    November 18, 2011 by Dragonpalm18

    Before I start anything, I will go ahead and say that I won't play Skyrim that often, but I will put everything I do on here. I will be trying to get a video capture card for my 360 in the near future so I can upload all of my awesome gameplay videos.

    So, without further ado... Welcome to The Skyrim Experience!

    I obtained my copy of Skyrim the day after it came out, and boy was I excited. Thoughts of this terrific game had been plaguing my mind for over a month, and I was practically leaping with joy when a copy was finally in my hands. I was almost afraid I had broke my disk after I had slammed it into my Xbox, but all my worries vanished when the dragon symbol came up and the main menu loaded.

    I spent at least half an hour creating my aweso…

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