I have been off of Skyrim celebrating Christmas for a whle, but next week is gonna be game week. Only problem is that Minecraft has recaptured a place in my heart, and my craze for Skyrim is dying. I still think Skyrim is amazing, but the only thing I really feel like doing on the game is making The Skyrim Experience on video... but I can't do that without a video capture card. On Minecraft, however, I have been working hard trying to help my friend in preparation for the launch of his new server. He has promised me a place at the foot of his throne along with another one of my friends, and so I am quite eager to get that server up.

If any of my readers can give me some really good reasons to abandon my friend and return to Skyrim, then I will. Either way, I will be returning from a battle for dominence between these two games, whether it be with the blood of a dragon in my veins, or a suit of pixelated diamond armor.