Before I start anything, I will go ahead and say that I won't play Skyrim that often, but I will put everything I do on here. I will be trying to get a video capture card for my 360 in the near future so I can upload all of my awesome gameplay videos.

So, without further ado... Welcome to The Skyrim Experience!

I obtained my copy of Skyrim the day after it came out, and boy was I excited. Thoughts of this terrific game had been plaguing my mind for over a month, and I was practically leaping with joy when a copy was finally in my hands. I was almost afraid I had broke my disk after I had slammed it into my Xbox, but all my worries vanished when the dragon symbol came up and the main menu loaded.

I spent at least half an hour creating my awesome khajiit. His coal black fur and slightly muscled figure looked perfect for the awesome archer I planned on making him.

After almost being executed and then running from a very angry dragon, I found myself fighting my way through hoards of draugr. My disappointment only mounted as I was forced to apply my first perk to one-handed weapons. But alas, I found a bow and a handful of arrows, and I had my wonderful archer cat in sight. I was quick to go through Riften and complete the first few quests, and soon I found myself battling a dragon (not the main story one that attacked the watch tower). I was vastly unprepared, and so I found myself running for dear life. Running seems to happen a lot for me...

Anyways, I continued on with the main quest. I was learning shouts, spells, and I equipped my cat with elven armor and a dwarven bow. My final hour had me finding an Elder Scroll deep within some sort of dwarven city. I ended my game right as I was about to re-enter Blackreach, and that is where I will pick up in my next post.

I hope everyone enjoys living The Skyrim Experience with me!