Dread lord5623

aka Alexander

  • I live in Strangersville, personalregion in notgonnariskit, house number: not telling.
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Skyrim, minecraft, mods, circuitry, pet zoometery, Zombie HQ, chemistry and science and the universe
  • I am {can't tell}
  • Dread lord5623

    Hello everyone! I am Alexander. But I like to call myself Agent dread_lord. But for know, call me by my wiki name. (Dread_lord5623). I'd like to give you a few a few rules with things related to me. Rule #1: DO NOT DELETE POST UNLESS GIVEN A REASON 4 IT! Rule #2: NO INCORRECT GRAMMAR! Rule #3: NO COARSE LANGUAGE! STRICTLY PROHIBITED Rule #4: DO NOT SPAM! {further rules are to be added}

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