Here We Go..Brace Yourself For A Simple Theory Of "EXISTENCE" And Of Space & Time: (no math equations yet)

Precursor To This Theory is Knowledge Of Time And Space With Time Being a constant which ever and infinitely changes space. (That Also Is Just Theoretical)


We KNOW There Is a PAST. And That WE, as in the universe Today, Are That PAST's FUTURE. Then PRESENTLY We Are Also The PAST Of A FUTURE.

Therefore, The PAST We Know Of Is Also A FUTURE Of Another PAST.

Seeing This, It Is My Theory That With TIME Comes A Past And A Future (Present Is Really Irrelevant). And That Because We Have TIME In The Past, Then We Will Have TIME In The Future... The PAST Shows We Will Always Have A Future And So The Future Will Always Know Of A PAST, This Constant Knowledge Of Knowing There Is A PAST and a FUTURE is INFINITE. And With Time comes space which is EXISTENCE. I Determine That There Is No Such Thing As A "Beginning Of Time". This INFINITE Time "Structure" If You Will, Has Just Always Been There. In order to have a TIME, you need a PAST and a FUTURE Time. It Has Come To My Conclusion That TIME Has always Been Here, There Was No Beginning, It IS INFINITE (And Infinity Doesn't Have to start at 0).

Follow-Up....The Knowledge Of TIME and the being a FUTURE (not what will be there, speaking strictly with TIME). I Believe Existence & Space Will always before with no ending. INFINITY Just Like TIME.