Say the rebels won and have their freedom and independence from the empire.They need changes to work as nothing is perfect and anything can happen. The biggest problem the dominion as they would sooner or later coming knocking on skyrim's door.They would need allies so Ulfric's racist ways would have to go. They would need a an alliance to fight what ever may come out of the woodwork.Be it a massive falmer attack, a inevitable dominion invasion or an attack from the land of akavir. They would for the best need a second Ebon heart pack. It would be hard to unite the races as the argonians and dunmmer would be at odds with each other. Not to mention the nords strong xenophobia of magic and elfs. But it would be a brilliant army. The argonian scouts paving the way, the magic of elfs supporting and healing the hardy nord troops. Not to mention the argonian stealth of the shadow scales who would be expert spies,assassins and saboteurs. It would be like a new version of the empire's blades. They would be near unstoppable force and alliance as powerful to challenge the dominion's full power. What do you think would this be a possible outcome of a free skyrim or would it fall into legend and myth