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  • Dunmeister

    Alright, so first of all let me make this clear. I loved the thieves guild of Morrowind & Oblivion. The quests were appropriate and there was plenty of stealing involved, however Skyrim's felt a bit too off-topic for me. There was no big heist or massive ending in which you steal the elder scroll or something, but instead the whole questline is about finding out who's trying to shut down the thieves guild and then there's a big chase at the end where you kill Mercer. Okay, so he was stealing the eyes of the Falmer but i think that should've been the player! A mass heist where you steal the eyes of the Falmer before your caught by guards or a rival guild? I think the addition of Nightingales was good (Well, only because of the armor...) But…

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  • Dunmeister

    The Best Hold?

    June 30, 2012 by Dunmeister

    Okay, so I basically want to know what people think is the best hold in skyrim.

    If you don't know them [Then you shouldn't be on here, but hey ho] they are (In order of importance):

    o Haafingar

    o Windhelm

    o Whiterun

    o The Rift

    o The Reach

    o Winterhold

    o The Pale

    o Hjaalmarch

    o Falkreath

    My personal favourite is The Reach, as it's such a challenging landscape.

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