So not to long ago I found Oblivion in my closet full of my old games and decided to play it, but now that I've gone and done that I'm strained between Skyrim and Oblivion. They are both good games, but I have to choose my favorite. I am going to start with Oblivion, the reason why I like Oblivion was because I had been playing it as a child and all the characters and the liveliness made me so "happy"( although I did not care for any of the DLCs for Oblivion). Every now and then there would be a grump but you get past that very easily. There was only one thing that I didn't like in Oblivion and its that it takes up stamina to throw a punch or swing a sword. Where in Skyrim you use stamina to throw big swings or punches. I also HATED bows in Oblivion, they were slow and awkward . I think it is time to begin my POV of Skyrim . Skyrim is so big and I was more mature when I started to play it. Everything in the game is so large and immersive. I don't think I've ever gotten bored with Skyrim. Except for that time with Nahkriin ,but that's for a different blog. The story of the game is so well played out (not to mention the voice actors). I will have  one of my friends videos on YouTube on here, so be prepared .(P.S. He enjoys Oblivion's bows:p )

Skyrim - Misadventures of The Gourmet-008:48

Skyrim - Misadventures of The Gourmet-0

P.S. (again :D)

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