My charecter is a Dark Elf. His name is Artorius and he has pretty hair. I was venturing around the wild with my companion Lydia. Hunting a few frolocking goats and deers so i could make some leather to improve my smithing. My hunting grounds usually reside around the Western Watchtower ( a little SW of Whiterun). I had collected a few pelts and went of to make some leather at Whiterun. Which i did :). I fast traveled back the the Westernwatch Tower to find more little happy animals and suddenly a High Elf mage wearing a full set of Dwavern armor ambushed me and was throwing some of the strongest spells i have seen so far.

My health was falling as fast as one of those rare flying mamoths i have seen ( but ill get to that later). I couldnt get close to the mage and hit him with my sword so shouted " FUS RO DAH!" at him and he did a stylish backflip. I charged as fast as i could at him and i started swinging my sword as fast as i could. To my luck he was the first strongest enemy i have ever faced. One hit took down the most minniscule amount of health. I was about to breakdown into tears. But nethertheless i wanted to kill him.

I decided to take the mage out from afar with some arrows. I shouted at him again so it bought me some time to run away and get some distance from this menace. I got about 50m away and pulled out my superior Orcish Bow and started raining steel arrows( of death) at him. 10 arrows later his health has probably only dropped about 15% and i have drank about 10 of my 50 restore health potions and drained most of my magika using a health regen spell. He was a tough mage. I kept firing away, slowly moving backwards while he was trying to kill me with his overpowered spells.

Lydia wasnt much help. I saw her charge at that mage while i ran and the mage casted 2 spells and she was in that crouching position they do when they are on low health. I was devistated. I kept firing my arrows at him and eventually he had hit 50% health. It took about 10mins to do that :). Lydia had regained some health and came from behind the mage and started hitting him like a made little bumble bee trying to kill a bear because he had stolen his honey. She got the mages attention and that gave me time to run back further. The mage knocked Lydia out again and he started casting firebolts at me. I was scared. But i laughed because a stray deer ran infront of one and he flew really far.

I had only had 10 arrows left and i knew they would be gone soon so i had no choice but to charge with my sword the second i had no arrows. It was suicide. I thought a good way to buy me some time and hurt him would be to shout " FUS RO DAH!" at him and knock him over. Thank The Nine(Eight) i had found an amulet of Talos earlier in my travels which had given me the affects of "Shouts recharge 20% faster". I shouted at him which would have looked silly from another persons perspective and it made him fly back. Lydia awoke and we both took advantage at killing the mage. We slashed and slashed at his body until he got back up again ( I hid behind a rock) and lydia got knocked out again. The mage was getting closer and i had 3 health potions left and nearly full magika. But alas, just in time my shout had recharged and i shouted bloody murder at him ( i was getting angry and it was actually" FUS RO DAH!") He did a nice cartwheel and i stabbed him as fast as i could. His health had fallen a tremendous amount over the last 15mins.

As usual he got back up again and cast this spell at me while a was running back to my hiding rock. It hurt alot. My health was 25% and it was a fast spell. I drank two of my resore health potions and my shout had recharged i shouted at him and then had relised that lydia was behind the mage. Sorry. He had only a small little bit of health left and he got up and i said to myself. This is where it ends. I kept swinging my sword at him at then VICTORY!!! i had nearly died just at that last moment. Thank god i had won.

Lydia had awoke and i moved my way to his arrow full corpse and looked at his armor. Every piece of his armor was enchanted except the gauntlets. I thought yay expensive armor= more gold :). I retreived 7 arrows from the countless number i had shot at him and had replenished about 6 of my health potions that he had. It was all worth it. I sold the enchanted armor and made around 6000 gold. I put his helmet in my house in whiterun as a trophy. That battle was the biggest i have faced so far.