I got this funny glitch after completing the quest "Promises to keep". As I have Shadowmere I let the horse Frost stay with Louis Letrush. When returning to Whiterun and passing the Stables he was standing there, but it was not just one of him but 3! Walking around saying "Need something?". This happened in the last week of January and I was hoping it would go away eventually but no...

A week later I had 5 of him outside the Stables and today I have 7! No harm to the game and now I think it´s so funny to look at them I don´t mind!
More will come of the outcome!

  • Just 3 of LouisLetrush
  • Here are 5 LouisLetrush
  • Now they are 7 of LouisLetrush
  • Now there are 8 of LouisLetrush