Die baby, die!

Finally I did defeat him, I was lucky as I apparently had found a necklace somwhere (I have no idea where) but it was in my inventory suddenly. It had a 50% resistant to fire. So this time I also brought Dragonbane, the only weapon I tried that at least had an impact on him. Why didn't I bring it the first time, well I had a blackout!

The fight was pretty quick and he left... When I joined him in Sovngarde I used the same and of course he was not hard to kill there as we know. Looking around in the Main building I did see some that had a lovely time sining at least, despite the ordeal outside.


Is anyone listening?

This time I killed Paarthurnax, I did fell a bit reluctant but maybe this is because I am a female and I don't really like to kill people/creatures my heroin has had contact with.


Poor thing...

I have a soft touch most of the times.

On another note, once again I have trouble with this man Louis Letrush! After I had done the quest with him he once again appear outside Whiterun, half buried at the stables. Just like in my first game. Will he ever be fixed?


What's with this guy?